Student Reporting Solutions

The Scherb Group are experts at providing custom software for student reporting, aggregating the data and producing end reports. There are four reasons why The Scherb Group is the most compelling choice as the solution provider for your Student Reporting project.

The Scherb Group has been the vendor on all of the Indiana Student Data Reporting System (InTERS) projects within Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development data reporting eco-system since 2004.  There are few other vendors that have the depth of experience and knowledge of end to end student data reporting systems like The Scherb Group.
Our solution is the current design standard for Indiana’s “Career and Technical Education” and “Adult Education” Student Data Reporting Systems.  Over the past several years, The Scherb Group has worked with DWD to plan into the future of the student data reporting.  Through extensive requirements gathering and process review, we have created a hybrid web-based solution that exceeds the needs of both Indiana’s CTE platform and the ABE National Reporting System requirements.  This hybrid web-based solution ties the department together into a cohesive whole and focuses on reducing maintenance and technical support costs.
Our people and approaches know how to deliver success.  We have committed our top people to drive the successful implementation of these projects.  Our plans call for completion of all new development in reduced timeframes to facilitate quick rollouts.  Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality, innovative solutions for departments and deliver these on-time and with the highest level of user satisfaction.  Our professionals have deep experience working with governmental programs and we have developed an implementation approach that has worked time and again to successfully deliver solutions that fit the real needs of organizations.

We always price our solution to deliver cost-effectiveness and value, with the goal of reducing your department’s dependence on external vendors for systems operation.  From our deep understanding of student reporting and enterprise technical requirements, we know that you need an integrated solution that addresses the high volume and dynamic nature of tracking and aggregating student enrollment data.  In our approach, we have created an implementation support structure to make this happen that includes services integrated with your department’s staff to ensure proper system functioning and reduced technical support.  Our solution focuses on a win-win scenario where The Scherb Group delivers a high quality system and your department’s reduces its dependence on external vendors.